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About Fab-abulous

Fab-abulous is a mobile Personal Training experience, based in Manchester, bringing the Personal Trainer and fitness equipment to you, wherever you are, be it at home, at the workplace, the local park etc.

It is an exciting and unique service, bringing the best fitness training directly to you. It's aim is to provide a quality service, customised and tailored to your needs and goals. Each session is designed to be manageable and effective. Your sessions will be both fun and enjoyable and will also focus on providing the motivation you require to reach your goals. Support outside of each session is also provided through telephone, text or e-mail. Fitness programmes are designed around your age, ability, gender and previous exercise experience. Whether you want to loose weight, drop a dress size or prepare for an upcoming event Fab-abulous Personal Training will help you achieve your goals. All this is provided at very reasonable rates.

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About the Founder of Fab-abulous: Shane Lawlor

Personal Training Didsbury

Our Personalized Approach

Introduction to Personal Training Didsbury

Embarking on a fitness journey can feel like navigating through a maze, but with Personal Training Didsbury, it becomes a path of clear milestones and achievements. Our approach at Fab-abulous Personal Trainer is to bring the gym to you, making fitness not just accessible but tailored precisely to your lifestyle and goals.

Our Personalized Approach

Every individual's fitness journey is unique, which is why we kickstart your path to wellness with a thorough 30-minute consultation. This initial meeting is more than just an introduction; it's a deep dive into your aspirations, challenges, and the specifics of your physical state. Beyond just understanding your goals, this session allows us to craft a fitness program that is as individual as you are.

Following this, our taster session offers a glimpse into the dynamic and bespoke training sessions you can expect. This experiential approach ensures that from the get-go, our clients feel confident and attuned to the Fab-abulous method of personal training in Didsbury.

Creating Tailored Fitness Programs

Understanding Your Fitness DNA

Our method goes beyond surface-level metrics. Yes, we measure your BMI, body fat, and other vital statistics, but our goal is to understand your fitness DNA. This means discerning not just how your body works, but how you respond to different exercises, environments, and routines. This insight allows us to tailor a program that not only works but excites and motivates you.

Customizing Your Fitness Blueprint

With the data and insights gathered, we then craft a customized fitness blueprint. This is not a one-size-fits-all plan but a detailed, step-by-step guide designed to achieve your personal goals. Whether it's building muscle, losing weight, improving endurance, or simply enhancing overall fitness, your plan is bespoke to your objectives.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the core tenets of our service is bringing the fitness experience to wherever you are. This could be at home, in the workplace, or even a local park in Didsbury. This flexibility is crucial for those with busy schedules or for whom a traditional gym environment doesn't appeal. By removing these barriers, we ensure that your fitness journey is as convenient as it is effective.

Our Packages

Understanding that everyone has different needs and budgets, we offer a variety of packages. These are designed to provide options that cater to different goals, from specific fitness achievements to general health improvement. Each package benefits from our personalized approach, ensuring you see tangible progress towards your targets.

What Our Clients Say

Our clients, from those new to exercise to seasoned fitness enthusiasts, have seen transformative results. Sarah notes the significant difference our personalized approach made in her fitness journey, while John appreciates the convenience and enjoyment our sessions bring into his routine. These testimonials underscore the effectiveness of our method and the positive impact it has on our clients' lives.

Taking the First Step

Embarking on your fitness journey with Personal Training Didsbury is just a consultation away. This initial step is where we lay the foundation for a healthier, happier you. It's an opportunity to experience our training philosophy firsthand and see how our tailored approach can align with your fitness goals.

We're here to guide, motivate, and support you through every step of your journey. Contact us today to book your free consultation and discover the Fab-abulous difference.

Why Choose Personal Training Didsbury?

  • Convenience: We come to you, making it easier to fit fitness into your busy life.
  • Personalization: Every aspect of your training is tailored to your unique needs and goals.
  • Expertise: Our trainers bring years of experience and a passion for helping you achieve your best self.
  • Flexibility: With a range of packages and a mobile setup, we offer a fitness solution that works for everyone.

In closing, Personal Training Didsbury by Fab-abulous is more than just a service; it's a personal transformation journey that respects your individuality, accommodates your lifestyle, and achieves your fitness goals. With our customized approach, expert guidance, and the convenience we offer, your path to wellness has never been clearer or more achievable.

Our Packages

What is the average price for a personal training session?

Here at Fab-abulous Personal Trainer, the average price of a personal training session varies depending on several factors, including the length of the session, the experience of the trainer, and the package you choose. Typically, a one-hour session can range anywhere from £30 to £60. It's important to remember that with personal training, you're not just paying for the time spent during workouts; you're investing in a tailored fitness plan, expert guidance, and the convenience of having a trainer come to you. We ensure that our pricing reflects the value and results you'll achieve by working with us.

How much should you spend on a personal trainer?

Deciding how much to spend on a personal trainer is a personal choice that should be based on your fitness goals, budget, and the value you place on personalized health and wellness. Some of our clients view their personal training sessions as a necessary component of their health routine, similar to a monthly gym membership or even healthcare expenses. We recommend considering what you can afford without straining your finances but also thinking of it as an investment in your long-term health and happiness. Remember, the benefits of personal training extend beyond physical fitness, including mental health improvements and higher quality of life.

How much is a 30-minute personal training session?

A 30-minute personal training session with Fab-abulous is designed to be both effective and efficient, providing a concentrated dose of exercise tailored to your goals. These sessions are priced to reflect their accessibility and convenience, typically costing between £20 and £30. They're an excellent choice for those with tight schedules or for anyone who's looking to add supplemental training to their fitness regimen. It's a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of personalized training without committing to a full hour.

How much do most personal trainers charge?

Most personal trainers charge based on their experience, the services they offer, and the location in which they operate. On average, you might find personal trainers charging anywhere from £30 to over £60 per hour in the Manchester area. However, it's essential to look beyond the numbers and consider the trainer's expertise, the customization level of their programs, and the overall value they provide. At Fab-abulous, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for our comprehensive and personalized service that accommodates your lifestyle and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

What distinguishes personalized training from generic gym workouts?

Personalized training stands apart due to its tailored approach. Unlike generic gym workouts, where you might follow a one-size-fits-all routine, personalized training is crafted to your unique fitness DNA. This means that every workout, nutritional guideline, and piece of advice is specifically designed to align with your goals, preferences, and any physical constraints you may have. For example, a client recovering from an injury will receive a program that not only helps them stay fit but also aids in their rehabilitation. Personalized training also means you get undivided attention from your trainer, ensuring you perform each exercise correctly, efficiently, and safely. It's this customization and personal attention that can lead to more significant, faster results and a more enjoyable fitness journey.

How do you choose the right training package for your needs?

Choosing the right training package involves a self-assessment of your goals, how quickly you want to achieve them, and what kind of support you need. During our free 30-minute consultation, we discuss these aspects to understand better what you're looking for. We then recommend the package that we feel aligns with your aspirations, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, improving endurance, or simply boosting your overall fitness level. It's also essential to consider your lifestyle; for busy individuals, a package offering flexible scheduling might be the best. Remember, our goal is to make personal training work for you, so we're always open to customizing our packages to meet your needs.


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